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Discover Learning with Libraries and Museums

Discover is an integrated learning resource service from Calderdale Libraries, Museums and Arts. Working across four museum and gallery sites, libraries and through outreach, we deliver a wid range of creative and historical learning programmes for schools. Workshops are related to specific subject areas and cross-curricular topics.

Our Museums teacher's guide gives full details on subscription costs, and available workshops and costs, plus details of what other services we can give you, see Museums teacher's guide .


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28 March 2018
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25 January 2018
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25 September 2017
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14 September 2017
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05 September 2017
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Bankfield Museum:

  • Wild West
    For KS 1 and 2 - Complete the Native American Museum Trail and listen to stories, create your own tepees and totem poles in the fun and interative workshop.
  • Crime and Punishment
    KS 2 and 3 - Discover crimes and punishments from the past and study a true local criminal case.
  • Percy Shaw's Cat's Eyes
    For KS 1 and 2 - learn about Percy Shaw, the inventor of Cat's Eyes in a local history, and design and technology workshop.
  • Old Toys
    KS 1 and 2 - be history detectives to find out how our toys differ from those in the past.
  • Churchill's Children
    KS 2 - role- play activities to find out what it was like to be evacuated duringthe Second World War.
  • Bankfield Chronicles
    KS 2 and 3 - two servants have been murdered at Bankfield Mansion, turn detective to help the police with their enquiries.
  • For King and Country
    Various - role-play activities commemorating Calderdale's contribution and experiences during the First World War.
  • Columbus & Armstrong
    For KS 1 - discover the adventures of Christopher Columbus, Neil Armstrong and a significant local explorer who travelled the world and beyond.

Shibden Hall:

  • Cinderella's Magic Wand
    Foundation - meet Cinderella, help the Fairy Godmother make a magical wand, search for white mice in the barn and play with old toys.
  • Cinderella
    KS 1 - Help Cinderella with her domestic chores, and help the Fairy Godmother with her magic.
  • Dollies and Dusters
    KS 1 - take part in a variety of domestic chores with Shibden's domestic servants, learn servant etiquette, and investigate Victorian domestic objects.
  • Tudor Trends
    KS 2 - explore the fashions, interior design, childhood pursuits, education and leisure activities of the Tudor period.
  • A Taste of Tudor
    KS 2 - complete a household inventory, learn about herbs and spices, and make a scent bag.
  • Great Fire of London
    KS 1 and 2 - explore the causes of the Great Fire of London, the Plague, and the impact on the Lister family of Shibden Hall.
  • Light and Dark
    KS 1 and 2 - Search Shibden Hall for Light sources and make a shadow puppet.

Heptonstall Museum:

  • Victorian Schoolroom
    KS 2 - take a lesson in the '3 Rs' in a Victorian classroom, and play with Victorian toys.

Smith Art Gallery:

  • Creative Crafts
    KS 1 and 2 - Explore the current exhibition and enjoy a pratical, creative crafts activity.

Outreach (where we come to you!):

  • Victorian Schoolroom
    KS 1 and 2 - take a Victorian lesson, which can include inspection, school rules and writing using slates or dip pens, then play with Victorian toys.
  • Florence Nightingale
    KS 1 - meet Florence Nightingale and learn about her life, her time in the Crimea and her lasting legacy to nursing.
  • Tudor Times
    KS 2 - find out what a tussy mussy is, and how to use a puzzle jug, and learn about the life of the Tudors.
Discover - Calderdale Libraries, Museums and Galleries

School linking programme 2017-18

Primary schools are taking part in this year's School linking programme. It is a chance to promote spiritual, moral, social and cultural development (SMSC), whilst meeting and learning about children in different schools.


We want to make sure that the Discover service is a relevant to your school as it can be, so we have put together a quick survey. It should just take a minute to complete but will help us to provide you with the best service possible.

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 What can we do for you

We make learning fun and interactive by lending you resources and providing workshops which bring the curriculum alive.

Find out more about Discover and what we can do for your school - what we can do for you

 Feedback from Schools

"The Discover service is fantastic and has really helped our school to deliver our curriculum, bringing it to life"

“Wonderful service across all areas”

“Valuable service. Good across the board”

“Good range of resources, service excellent and proactive”

"What a wonderful time we had at Bankfield Museum, the children really enjoyed their day and the characters you created made history come alive for the children."