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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS) 

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Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS)

Our Service

CAMHS in Calderdale is provided by Northpoint Wellbeing Limited at Tier 2 and the South and West Yorkshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust at Tier 3.

The two organisations work together to provide a service for children and young people, and their families.

Any professional who works with children, young people and families can refer into CAMHS. At present, we do not accept direct referrals from parents and carers.

Referring to Calderdale CAMHS

The CAMHS referral pathway provides guidance on referring to CAMHS for both Tier 2 and 3:

To discuss any potential referral, please contact the Tier 2 Contact Point, 01422 300 001.

Full details of when you should consider referral to CAMHS Tier 2 or 3 are available on the Calderdale CAMHS website. The site includes how to refer, which tier to refer to, who can refer, and how referrals are handled.

The CAMHS First Point of Contact offers telephone support, consultation, signposting information, and referrals advice. The service can be used by anyone who works with a child/young person - ideally a professional who knows the child / young person and family well.

For urgent and acute cases, contact 01422 262380

More information and contacts

More information, including criteria for referral, organisations who provide CAMHS in Calderdale and self-help materials are available on the website:

You can also contact:

Tier 2 CAMHS:
Mick Mesa, Service Manager,
Telephone: 01422 300 001

Tier 3 CAMHS:
Linda Moon, Service Manager
Telephone: 01422 261332

New secure on line CAMHS referral process

Schools can now refer to CAMHS online via the new secure referral form. Further details can be found at

School staff can and should refer to CAMHS. A referral from school is usually the quickest way of getting accurate information to CAMHS, and of helping a child or young person to access the right service.

In most cases school staff know the young person better than any other professional, so they are usually in the best position to provide information about a child’s needs. GP’s don’t usually know the young person, and directing families to their GP to request a CAMHS referral often introduces unnecessary delays into the process.

The majority of referrals to CAMHS do result in an intervention being offered, usually within 4 to 6 weeks. The likelihood of a young person receiving an intervention does not depend on the profession of the referrer.

Schools are also able to refer to CAMHS and request an assessment for Autism. Please also note that referrals for ADHD can currently only be made be a school SENCO.

The on-line form is CAMHS’s preferred means of receiving a referral. The system offers the quickest and safest way of providing referral information. The online referral form uses a secure server using (https) encrypted communications. Referral data is transferred directly onto the secure IAPTus system, so CAMHS receive the information as soon as the referral is submitted.

Referrers are welcome to phone the CAMHS First Point of Contact (FPoC) on 01422 300 001 to find our more, or to discuss a potential referral.

Public Health sevices: contacts

For a full list of the contacts for Public Health services, see: Public health services

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Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ) Training
The SDQ is being adopted as a standardised mental health screening tool in Calderdale. Training is available to anyone who works directly with children and young people aged 4 years and older. More information can be found on the information leaflet above, or on the SDQ website.