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 Welcome to SIMS Learning Gateway


This is the main webpage for Calderdale's SIMS Learning Gateway (SLG)

SLG enables parents and school staff to see information from the school's SIMS system online on a secure website. Users can login to SLG from any PC that has internet access.

Parents can see information about their own children including personal details, attendance marks, assessment results and behaviour information. For more details about SLG please contact your child's school.

School Staff
School staff can see information from for all pupils in the school. Teachers can use SLG to take the register and enter pupils' assessment results into SIMS marksheets. Secondary school teachers can enter Profiles comments for individual pupils for reports to parents. The information that staff can see or edit in SLG depends on their access rights to in school.

Information entered and saved in SLG is available immediately in in school.


Calderdale SLG Resource Pack for Schools

Click here for the Calderdale SLG Resource Pack for Schools 

The files in this pack are for school staff who are implementing SLG. Make sure you have the latest version of each document by downloading them as you need them.


SLG Parent Password Reset Utility

Click here for the SLG Parent Password Reset Utility 

This utility is for parents. It will email a new, temporary password to the parent's email address that is recorded in the school's SIMS system.

Calderdale Council

 Login to SIMS Learning Gateway Here

Click Here to Login to SLG then choose your school from the list